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    Crepe Paper Sweet Pea Supply List

    Crepe Paper Sweet Pea.  Rita Shehan

    Sweet Peas are flowers that are often used in a bridal bouquet, and simple, elegant floral arrangements. The flowers symbolize blissful pleasure. Make some Sweet Peas from crepe paper and appreciate them for a long time. Paper flowers don’t wilt and never need to be watered. Besides that, they are fun to make. You will enjoy crafting them so much that you will want to make some for your friends and family to enjoy.

    Supplies Needed:

    • Crepe paper sheets in your desired color
    • 18-inch floral wire
    • Floral tape
    • Scissors
    • Wire cutters
    • 1.75-inch circle punch
    • Hot glue gun
    • Tacky glue
    • Green card stock
    • Digital die cut or PDF file for sepal
    • Ruler
    • Pencil



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    Cut Out the Crepe Paper Sweet Pea Parts

    Crepe Paper Circles and Sepal.  Rita Shehan
    1. Cut thirteen one-inch and three quarter inch circles from crepe paper in the color of your choice.
    2. Cut a flower sepal from green cardstock using your digital die cutter or printed pdf sepal pattern.
    3. Make sure the petals have smooth edges by trimming any ragged crepe paper edges by hand with scissors.
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    Crimp and Cup the Crepe Paper Petals

    Crimped Crepe Paper Circles.  Rita Shehan
    1. Cup, each crepe paper circle, using your fingers.
    2. Crimp the top edge of each crepe paper petal.
    3. Crimp the side edges of each crepe paper petal.



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    Form the Crepe Paper Sweet Pea Flower Bud

    Sweet Pea Bud.  Rita Shehan
    1. Take one cupped petal and twist it to form the bud of the crepe paper sweet pea.
    2. Place an 18-inch length of floral wire with the top tip about a one-half inch inside the bottom of the bud.
    3. Secure the wire to the inside of the bud with a bit of hot glue or tacky glue.
    4. If you have decided to use tacky glue, you will have to wait until the glue dries to continue with the next step.
    5. Wrap the floral bud with floral tape starting at the bottom of the bud, overlapping the bud about one-eighth of an inch.
    6. Continue wrapping floral tape around the floral wire down to the end of the floral wire stem.
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    Cut and Attach the Crepe Paper Sweet Pea Flower Sepal

    Sweet Pea Bud with Sepal.  Rita Shehan


    1. Cut the floral sepal from green cardstock.
    2. Curl the petals of the sepal upwards using a pencil or pen.
    3. Slip the sepal onto the stem from the bottom and push it upwards until it rests on the base of the bud,
    4. Secure the sepal to the bud with a bit of hot glue or tacky glue.


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    Making the Parts of the Crepe Paper Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea Components.  Rita Shehan

    After you make, the bud it is necessary to make three sweet pea flowers and one tendril.

    Flower Directions:

    1. Place four crepe paper flower circles one on top of another, each facing the same direction.
    2.  Twist the bottom of the stacked crepe paper flower circles together.
    3. Take a piece of floral wire and place the tip about one-half inch into the center of the pinched crepe paper floral circles.
    4. Wrap floral tape around the stem starting at the bottom one-eighth inch portion of the flower down the wire about six inches.
    5. Trim the flower petal stem with wire cutters so that the stem is about five and one-half inches long.
    6. Make a total of three flower stems

    Tendril Instructions:

    1. Wrap an eighteen-inch length of floral wire with floral tape.
    2. Twist nine inches of the wrapped floral wire around a pencil forming the sweet pea tendril.



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    Forming the Crepe Paper Sweet Pea

    Pink Crepe Paper Sweet Pea.  Rita Shehan
    1. Place one floral stem onto the crepe paper bud stem. The flower head should be about one and one-half inches below the bud.
    2. Attach the flower head stem to the floral bud stem with floral tape.
    3. Continue the process with the remaining two flower heads.
    4. Attach the tendril to the assembled crepe paper sweet pea between the third and fourth flower head with floral tape.


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    Giving the Crepe Paper Sweet Pea Its Finishing Touches

    Three Crepe Paper Sweet Peas.  Rita Shehan

    1. Cut the crepe paper sweet pea to your desired length with wire cutters.

    2. Give the crepe paper sweet pea a natural look by bending and shaping the stem to resemble the lines that a real sweet pea follows. Always remember that there are no straight lines in nature.

    You are now finished making your paper flower. Make some more sweet peas and arrange them with other paper flowers to make a beautiful bouquet that you will enjoy for quite some time.

    Sweet peas look lovely when placed in simple floral containers. Place a group of stems together in the container for a simple yet elegant floral arrangement.