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    Colorful Bookmark Kids’ Craft

     Katherine Lee

    These beautiful bookmarks are a wonderful craft that even little ones can help make because they’re so easy and fun to create. With a few simple materials, you can make these gorgeous paper flower bookmarks for any occasion. These bookmarks are so lovely; they’ll want to make batches for all their friends and family!

    It’s amazing how a few simple materials like colored paper, washi tape, and punched paper flowers can be transformed into these beautiful bookmarks. Kids will be able to unleash their creative side and choose the colors they want to use for the flowers and bookmarks. Follow these examples, or let kids design their own flower placement!

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    Gather Your Materials

     Katherine Lee

    Gather the supplies you’ll need to make your bookmarks. You probably already have a lot of these materials on hand, but if you don’t, it’s worth investing in some of these tools. For example, flower punches and washi tape are inexpensive, and you’ll be able to create an endless number of things with these tools, like cards, pictures, decorations for parties, gifts, and so much more. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Colored paper: Get an assortment of different colors for the bookmark base and the flowers.
    • Washi tape: Japanese decorative masking tape that comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. Use solid colors or some patterned tape if you prefer.
    • Flower punches in assorted sizes: Use a variety of sizes: a punch that makes 1 1/2-inch flowers, one that makes 1-inch flowers, and one that makes 1/2-inch flowers. Try to choose shapes that go well together and look good when stacked on top of each other.
    • Glue dots: In medium or small or SuperTape, which is an excellent adhesive that’s super strong and can be cut into different sizes.
    • Scissors
    • Hole punch (optional)
    • Ribbon (optional)
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    Make the Bookmark Base

     Katherine Lee

    You can use colored card stock weight paper as your base, or if you want a heavier and sturdier bookmark that’ll last you through lots of use, get some cardboard and glue colored paper on top of it. (Tip: Use the back of a writing pad, which is nice and firm, but can be cut easily.)

    You can cut the cardboard with scissors, after marking a straight line with a ruler, or you can use a self-healing cutting mat and craft knife. Make sure an adult handles this part—craft knives are very sharp and should not be handled by kids.

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    Cut the Bookmark Base and Colored Paper

     Katherine Lee

    If you’re using a cardboard base and colored paper, you can use a craft paper trimmer to cut the colored paper, or draw a straight line and use scissors to make the cut. Cut two pieces, one for each side.

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    Make Bookmarks in Different Sizes

     Katherine Lee

    You may want to make bookmarks in various sizes for different-sized books. These are longer ones that were 8 1/2 inches long and shorter ones that were 7 inches long.

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    Seal Edges with Washi Tape

     Katherine Lee

    Next, use glue dots to secure the colored paper to the cardboard and then seal the edges with washi tape. Kids may need help with this part, but remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect; mom will love it, even if the tape isn’t straight! And the beauty of washi tape—aside from how pretty it looks—is that it’s easy to remove and re-do, just like all masking tapes.

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    Go Completely Around the Bookmark

     Katherine Lee

    Go all around the bookmarks with the washi tape to seal the edges. (Note: Even if you’re not using a cardboard base, putting washi tape on the edges will make the card stock paper bookmarks more sturdy and less likely to tear.)

    If you want to add a ribbon to your bookmark, punch out a hole at the top and secure a ribbon.

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    Punch Out Flowers and Arrange Them on the Bookmark

     Katherine Lee

    Here comes the really fun part! Punch out flowers in different sizes and colors. Then, without gluing them down yet, arrange them on the bookmark to see what you want where.

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    Begin Gluing Flowers

     Katherine Lee

    Now you’re ready to secure the flowers to the bookmark. Starting with the bigger blossoms, put some SuperTape or glue dot on the bottom of a flower and glue it to the bookmark. Then lay the medium-size flowers on top of that, and add the smallest flowers on the very top.

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    Repeat with the Next Bookmark

     Katherine Lee

    Do the same thing with the other bookmarks, always making sure you lay everything out before you begin gluing the flowers down.

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    Final Product

     Katherine Lee

     Here are two examples of finished bookmarks. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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    More Bookmarks for All Your Friends

     Katherine Lee

    These are so fun and relaxing to make, and your child may want to keep creating till you have a bunch. And even better, have your child make some for personal use so they can use them and be inspired to read more books (which is always a good thing!). If your child wants to skip the flowers, you can punch out hearts or other shapes, or just use different colors of washi tape and lay strips down at all angles for another cool look. Enjoy!